Why I Chose Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation had never been a top concern for me. Ditto for cosmetic surgery. It had always seemed like a cop out. As if the people who went under the knife for it did it because they were insecure. Not only that, but they thought it would be the “be all and end all” for them. In other words, they’d still feel insecure after the fact because they hadn’t dealt with the real problem. Their own self-image.

Then one day, I saw some interviews with women who had done it. It really blew me away. They weren’t insecure. They were happy for having done it. It wasn’t like they felt they HAD to. They wanted to regardless of what other people thought or said. So, it was their OWN decision. They knew the risks, had heard all the stuff in the past in the news about the safety of implants.

It’s hard to describe how it felt to hear them. It felt… Well, it was kind of empowering. Their bodies, their choice. That’s what I got out of it. And so, that’s when I realized that all my negative obsessing about breast augmentation was wrong, a cover up. I was trying avoid my own interest in the procedure by putting it down.

This isn’t to say that it’s the same for everyone. Nor do I want anyone to think that they SHOULD do it just because they’re “interested”. I had to think a long time about this, and feel comfortable knowing that it was what I wanted.

After preparing myself, I then went on the mythical quest for the perfect surgeon. What I found was a lot of information about all the different ways breast augmentation could be done. On top of that, the different kinds of implants. As well, the legal restrictions around certain types of implants – namely the silicone-filled variety.

The other thing I found was how different the surgeons and/or clinics marketed themselves. There were a lot of ads that would reaffirm everything I thought was wrong about it. Fortunately, there were some that actually sounded intelligent, i.e. not some turn-of-the-century hawker selling snake oil.

Talking with these people, who actually sounded like they cared, I was finally able to make a decision. They also answered the endless questions and concerns I had about the different kinds of breast augmentation. Not only the pros and cons of each technique but what had to be done afterwards to make sure that the implants wouldn’t rupture.

Although it took a while, in the end I was glad I did my homework first. But more importantly, I’m glad for having seen those women talk about their own experiences with breast augmentation.