Symptoms Of Depression

Every once in a while life throws us some curve balls. There are however times when we are unable to deal with all of these stresses and problems. When this happens we begin to feel depressed. As time passes, generally the depressed feelings will pass. For a few individuals these feelings become depression disorders and they may need medical help to recover from this phase. There are some symptoms of depression that can tell us if the depression is a disorder or just normal feelings of depression.

Every one who has depression disorders will not experience the symptoms in the same manner. There are different types of depression disorders. For each of these depression types the individuals will feel the same symptoms in different ways. Although the symptoms of depression for the different disorder types will vary somewhat, there are some common effects for all of these.

To be able to have your treatment done properly you need to have a doctor examine you and see if you do have a depression disorder. The general symptoms of depression include restlessness, irritability, thoughts of death, suicide, suicide attempts, insomnia, early morning waking, oversleeping, changes in appetite are linked to a weight gain or a weigh loss.

Other symptoms of depression include decreased energy, fatigue, physical and mental sluggishness, feeling guilty, worthless, pessimism, helplessness, persistent sadness. Also the individual will feel empty and have anxious moods. While these symptoms are present the severity of the symptoms will vary with each person.

The symptoms of depression can last for 6 months or even years. Not all symptoms of depression need to be found for a diagnosis of depression to be made. You also need to be aware that the symptoms can change over a period of time. You will need to talk with your doctor to find out what sort of treatment you might need should you be suffering from depression. As there is a large variety of medication you will need to know the side-effects that these medications can have on your body.

Once depression has been identified, you must not expect the many symptoms of depression to just vanish without any further complications. The treatment of depression takes time. During this time period of treatment you should not become upset if you do not become cured of depression quickly.

After depression has been completely cured from your life you can begin to rebuild your life anew. By an unforeseen occurrence if you do begin get some symptoms of depression once more then you know what needs to be done and can get medical help accordingly.