Stem Cell Treatment Abroad

Stem cell research here in the U. S. is limited to three criteria put in place by George W. Bush in the year 2001:

• The derivation process was initiated prior to 9:00 P.M. EDT on August 9, 2001.
• The stem cells must have been derived from an embryo that was created for reproductive purposes and was no longer needed.
• Informed consent must have been obtained for the donation of the embryo and that donation must not have involved financial inducements.

The uses of stem cells in other countries however, have been taking place with great success. Stem cell therapy Mexico, China and India has been applied to patients with such chronic diseases as, cardiac disease, Parkinsonism, rheumatoid arthritis, Autism, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and even stroke and spinal chord injuries. Extensive research is also taking place abroad for the use of stem cells as an alternative cancer treatment. In Canada, stem cell therapy is currently being applied to high-performance race horses for the repair of torn and damaged tendons and ligaments with great success. In this case, the stem cells were retrieved from the bone marrow of the injured horse, isolated and expanded in a lab, and re-injected into the horse at the site of injury using ultrasound technology. This type of stem cell use shows great promise for human application. At the Biogenetics Institute in Mexico, stem cells for therapy are derived from umbilical chord blood and cultured with specific growth factors and nutrients according to the treatment requirements. Here, the medical team of physicians and health professionals participate in a wide variety of medical fields and are dedicated to working with patients and families living with chronic disease. Visit for more information on stem cells and their available applications.