Simple Post Partum Depression Cures

Post-Partum Depression is a debilitating, albeit extremely common, condition that affects new mothers everywhere. Medication is of course one of the standard remedies, but before you opt for it, there are other, simpler solutions which could very well get you back on your feet without modifying your metabolism.. Here are several of them, drawn from accounts of actual users:

> Go to bed early and try to get a good night’s sleep

> Lie down next to your heater vent and feel its comforting warmth

> Stroll in the park amongst the ducks, watching what they do

> Do things with your hands, perhaps a craft

> Work in the garden, watering plants and pulling up weeds; each is calming in its own way

> Buy yourself a fancy cup of coffee, savor it’s fine taste and aroma

> Play with your kids and make plans with them for what you will do together when you are feeling better

> See a therapist regularly and make sure you are totally candid with him

> See a doctor regularly and make sure you are totally candid with him

> Stay away from alcohol and other depressants

> Have a relaxing bubble bath or a shower with something sweet to eat and drink; play soothing music while you are bathing

> Keep a journal about your feelings: it helps to externalize them

> Exercise regularly: this releases feel-good chemicals (endorphins) into your bloodstream

> Join and participate in online forums for post-partum depression; discuss your problem with others who have it, seek their advice and enjoy the comfort of a loving community

> Take part in activities with family and friends

> Read a good book

> Go visiting

> Call a close friend and talk to her/him

> Go for a drive

> Bake something; this will direct your attention to a subject other than parenting and refresh your mind

> Call your mom and talk to her about your problem. This could be the single most effective therapy for your situation, because she loves you, is deeply concerned about you and will make time to listen to you

> Ask your mom to visit for some days. She could help with your chores and thus create some personal time for you to do the other things mentioned here

> Put baby in her stroller and go out for a walk

> Let yourself wallow for a bit with no pressure and all pleasure – stay in your PJs, eat junk food, mope a bit

> Cuddle with your kids and if you feel like it, have a good cry while doing so. Realize there are people who truly love you (can’t help but feel happy when your kids are giggling and rolling on the floor with you)

> Go to the beach if there is one nearby – look at the ocean and breathe the sea air

> Go shopping (nothing like good old-fashioned retail therapy!), or go window-shopping

> Have a long, deep chat with your dear husband, followed by a long, long cuddle and sweet kisses!