Rediscover Your Erection With Levitra

Body contact for two minutes doesn’t mean to have sex. It is a natural urge and unless one is fully satisfied, the act remains uncompleted. Unable to provide sexual satisfaction to your partner shows that you are immature about sex. Having discussed the subject with numerous men and women about sex, it has been found that the first image that came to their mind is two people engaged in a hot and passionate contact for a prolonged time. Apart from touching and fondling each other your partner seeks a long time intimacy during the act and for this a perfect penile erection is a must. So if you are not experiencing a prolonged erection during a sexual act become serious about it. You may be suffering from some sexual dysfunction.

But thanks to today’s medical science for Levitra a perfect medicine for treating sexual dysfunction effectively. It is a medicine especially formulated for the treatment of defective penile erection. It comes in 2.5mg, 5mg 10mg and 20mg tablets. FDA trails have proved it to be a perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction found in men.

Levitra increases the blood flow into the penis. The active substance Verdenafil HCL in Levitra works by stimulating the nerves present in the penis by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme that control the blood flow into the penis.

Clinical trails have found that most men have been able to resume their sexual life successfully after its first use. It is generally taken about an hour before sex for it begins to show its power between 30 -60 mins of its intake. A dose a day is enough to give a full and prolonged erection throughout a sexual activity. Remember, Levitra is not an aphrodisiac i.e. a substance to give to give sexual arousal all the time.

Though clinical trails have recorded some side affects like headache, constipation and stuffy or runny nose but are found to be tolerated and reversible. However, visiting a doctor is recommended for the perfect dose and its usage.