Overcoming Depression for Women

Elizabeth is again upset and stressed about her day. Aside from taking care of her children ages 5 and 8 years old, she is also in charge with the household chores. She even have a part-time job and a sideline to add to their income. As soon as her husband arrives from work, she tells him how hard her day was. But her husband Philip, is as tired as her and it seems her words just passed through at his ear and was not really listening. Philip just slumps down at their sofa and turns on the T.V set and kept saying “Yes dear! Yes dear!”. Elizabeth felt ignored and she felt unloved as this was happening to them lately.

It seems even if they spent a few minutes together inside their house, they weren’t really communicating. Elizabeth’s resentment started to build up. All she ever wanted is that she needs someone to talk to, someone who is concerned and in tune with her feelings. A kiss or a hug will do but neither that, or not even an encouraging word she never gets from Philip. Her anger have turned into a big disappointment. She was heavy burdened and felt empty as the days passes by.

Elizabeth, as in other numerous women around the world are exhibiting signs of depression. One of the main causes of depression in our lives is disappointment. All of us become too disappointed when things don’t work out or turn out the way we planned or expected to be. Other things that can also contribute to our depression are the nagging feelings of guilt, heartbreak, unforgivingness, and even an ongoing illness. At times of great loss, we are often overwhelmed with our inner struggles and moments of deep sadness in our lives. Like Elizabeth, when things get too much for her, she had those panic attacks episodes.

Women tend to be more depressed than the male specie as their needs are entirely different from men. They get more depressed in terms of their relationships. They mostly wanted to have closer ties, To be loved and cared for, to be truly understood and to be respected. The most basic and underlying need of a woman is to have a close and a meaningful relationship and if things don’t work out, an array of emotions set in like frustration, hurt, loneliness among others. While men, unlike women who go for intimate relationships, men are more focused on individual achievement.


Maintaining a level of joy is the key to overcoming depression because it is our level of strength, In other words, depression can’t gain control of our emotions if we took time to respond on the more positive side and replace the heaviness of our heart with outward expressions of joy. While it is not wrong to experience depression, is it not also right that you constantly dwell on it. You can overcome it by the following:

? Counseling or Psychotherapy- treatment of mental and emotional disorders
? Antidepressant prescriptions/medications- which can restore chemical balance in the brain
? Regular exercise- is also beneficial for helping to uplift mood
? Combination- of counseling and taking antidepressant medications

These therapies can be effective combination of methods and can elevate your mood, It can also discover and help you get rid of negative thinking. Therapies that will aid you in your coping skills and help you and other women like Elizabeth to re-gain your self- worth and confidence.