No Worries On Medicine Costs With Canadian Drug Stores

No Worries On Medicine Costs With Canadian Drug Stores

If they are not sweating it out over mortgage, many Americans have to deal with the costs of medicine. They land in the hospital or see a doctor and are then slapped with a prescription for medicine that they have to maintain for the long term.

Of course, any way that they can save money is always welcome. But drug stores based in the United States often have higher prices, regardless if they are found online or in an offline location. The cheaper alternative to medicines is just found in Canada, that is, at online Canadian drug stores.

Most people think that ordering medicine at a Canada-based location costs more as they would also have to pay for shipping aside from the cost of medicine. The fact is, you can actually save 25 to 50% on medicine costs just by ordering from an online Canadian drug store.

In general, there are five main reasons why drugs are deeply cheaper in Canada than in the United States:

• Since government regulates them, there is a ceiling on how much Canadian pharmaceutical companies can charge for their medicine.

• Since Canada has less strict patent laws, more generic drugs are being manufactured.

• Since the US dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar, Americans have more purchasing power.

• Taxes are not charged on orders sent outside of Canada.

• Shipping costs are charged at per package per order, not per bottle of drug. You may have several drugs in on order, but you only need to pay one shipping fee. Spouses who place their orders together, and have the same shipping address, are changed only a single shipping fee.

How It Works

To get started, you only need to fill an order with an online Canadian drug store Once this is done, you will need to send the prescription made by your doctor in the United States. A licensed Canadian doctor will then review your patient history and your prescription, and then approve the prescription under his or her Canadian professional license. If the Canadian doctor has any questions or concerns, he or she will get in touch with your or your doctor.

When the Canadian doctor approves your prescription, your order. Whenever possible, the Canadian drugstore substitutes the brand name with US-approved substitutes, unless you or your physician indicates you do not want substitutes.

Apart from popularity, brand name drugs differ very little from their generic counterparts. Their looks may differ, but brand name drugs and generic drugs have the same active ingredients and thus work in exactly the same way. The major difference is the price.

Brand name drugs refer to drugs that were first made by a pharmaceutical company. The company that made Prozac, for example, was the only one allowed to make the drug for years. After a time (around ten years in the United States and five to seven years in Canada) other companies were allowed to make generic versions of that drug.