Melting Her Frozen Heart

Love in New Zealand Beaches Series (Book 1)
by Eliza Northcote

Jon is a gorgeous jaded rock star, tall and slim with vivid green eyes and dark long hair trying to strike out in a new direction musically. He has been obsessed with a blond, curvy girl that he saw at his gig years ago and he has been searching for her ever since – his ‘Ghost Girl’. He finances the family trust which is constructing a high-class retirement village in the Bay of Plenty and they’re bringing in only the best contractors to work on the project. That includes the landscaped pristine gardens…

Jen’s heart literally iced over when her husband and children were killed in a car crash into an icy,
swollen river. Tucked away in the English countryside as a renowned rose specialist she’s managing to hide from her past and NZ roots until she is lured back to the land of stunning beaches to establish a heritage rose garden for the Trust’s property. The only thing is, there’s this Rock Star of one of her favourite bands who acts as a Trustee who just won’t leave her alone and she doesn’t understand why.

Join Jon as he tries to melt Jen’s iced over heart and bring his beloved ‘Ghost Girl’ back to live through his music and laughter!