Magic Mushrooms

The Dutch Minister Of Health, after conducting some studies on magic mushrooms or ‘shrooms’ which concluded that these mushrooms aren’t at all hazardous to the public health, still decided that they should be declared illegal.
A remarkable decision, because although many experts affirm that the effects experienced from psilocybin are caused by a poisonous nature of the compound, the National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health ( a branch of the Center For Disease Control ) rated the psilocybin less toxic in comparison with regular aspirin. In other words, hallucinogenic mushrooms do not pose a real threat. On the contrary, its positive effects are truly remarkable. Among these positive effects we see:

• Possible interruption of cluster sequences in those suffering from cluster headaches;

• Life changing spiritual experience;

• Boring tasks or entertainment can become more interesting or funny;

• Creative, philosophical or deep thinking: ideas flow more easily;

• Mood lift, euphoria;

• Giggling, laughter, giddiness;

• Intense feelings of wonder;

• Paradoxical feeling of a normalcy and deep alteration of psyche;

• Sensation of insight.

We also see that many scientists are investigating a hallucinogenic chemical present in magic mushrooms, which could be a possible new treatment for not only depression and anxiety but also for drug dependence. This move is the follow-up of a study concluding that the psilocybin can bring long lasting positive changes in behavior and mood.

Aside these positive effects shrooms also have an important cultural status in many parts of the world. They are considered sacred to a lot of cultures from all over the world and forbidding these sacred mushrooms would be a real shame when you think about all of the benefits these magic mushrooms bring. Many psychedelic mushroom consumers affirm that they bring inner knowledge and a truly incredible insight in their life.

But despite these positive effects, The Health Minister still believes it is necessary to add mushrooms to the drug list, making it illegal to possess and sell them.(We should note however, that Growsets and Tampanensis aren’t included on the list ). In two weeks time, the Dutch Government will meet and make a final decision. If they agree with the Minister Of Health, they will start the procedure to turn this into a law. It can take from three weeks up to three months.

All things considered, shrooms bring many positive effects but more and more countries like The Netherlands are forbidding them and putting them into the drug list making them illegal for consumption and possession. Hopefully, this situation will change during the future and more and more people will take advantage of the benefits the magic mushrooms bring. However, it must be said that, when consuming these magic mushrooms, people should pay attention to the dosage they take because, as is the case with many things, excess can cause a lot of unwanted problems.