Liposuction For The Reduction of Breasts

While people tend to focus on breast implants, breast reduction is a very common procedure for both men and women. Few people realize there may be a liposuction element.

Liposuction For The Reduction of Breasts

There are many cosmetic procedures that can be done regarding a woman’s breast size. Many women opt for implants, feeling that their breasts are too small. Others want a breast lift, where the breasts are operated on, tissue is removed and muscles are “lifted”, so that the breast has a younger and perkier appearance. Finally, some women need to have breast reduction because they feel that the size of their breasts is too large.

Traditional breast reduction requires a doctor to make large incisions, or cuts, underneath the breast and then remove fatty tissue. Many women who need breast reductions do not want to have to deal with the large scars and long recovery time. If you fall into this category, you should be aware that reduction by liposuction is an option.

Liposuction, of any area, requires only small cuts in the skin to insert the tubing and other equipment needed to vacuum out the relevant fatty cells. In breast reduction, a small cut is made in the crease of the breast. It is so small that it is very difficult to see with the naked eye. The plastic surgeon then will remove fatty material in the breasts to obtain the desired result. You might be surprised to learn that very large quantities of breast tissue, up to 1000 cc of fluid, can be removed in many cases. This equates to over two and a half bra cup sizes. This removal of tissue also allows the “breast envelope” to contract, which makes the breasts elevate. The result is a perkier look and a rise in the breasts of up to two inches.

There are many advantages to having reduction by liposuction. If you are a younger patient, having your breast size reduced in this way allows you to retain the ability to breast feed later on as the milk ducts are not damaged. The recovery time from liposuction is shorter than that from traditional breast reduction. Additionally, there will be less scarring and potentially fewer side effects such as swelling and pain because this method is less invasive. Also, since less damage will be done to the nerves in the breast area, you may retain better sensation in the breast.

Breast reduction should be considered major surgery. This means you should discuss the best medical options with your plastic surgeon and gain an understanding of the results you can reasonably expect. Some reductions are covered by insurance if there is a medical reason for the surgery, so make sure to explore this issue with your health insurance carrier and surgeon.