In a state of depression

A car accident, sometimes called Road Traffic Accidents or RTA, are incidents where in cars and other possible objects collide in open traffic. Sometimes traffic collisions may also refer to an automobile striking a human or animal or even another vehicle. According to the World Health Organization, motor vehicle accidents kill an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year, and injure about forty times this number. People may not notice this, but the road is far more dangerous than being on air or at sea. Accidents may occur at any place and at any time to any one, even on the most unsuspecting moment.

Imagine getting involved in one of these car accidents. In every incident there may be several parties included but there is only one bottom line, every one gets to have damages done on their part. It can be small, large, physical, emotional, material, but still, there would be damages. Let us say you were the fortunate one who had the least injuries and damages. You may have minimal, if none, physical pain and discomfort. But the damages these accidents have brought extend far more than just that. The psychological effects that a car accident brings to a person varies from just experiencing mild depression to a more severe kind of trauma.

As we all know, depression is a state of mind caused by several factors, including prolonged stress at work or at home, separation from an important person, or loss of a loved one. Negative thoughts and events can influence a person’s state of mind, and can make or break their health as well.

Depression bought by traffic collisions or car accidents can bring a state of intense sadness. It can be a major depressive disorder that a person may have melancholies or despair that has advanced to a point of being disruptive to that person’s daily activities and social functioning. Flash backs of the event that has transpired will cause feelings of sadness and increase the person’s depression. Such a disaster like this would take away the person’s self control and could cause excessive emotional upheaval. A traumatic event like a car accident can give out more distress for one person than for another, and that alone could change a person’s life.

Recovering from depression can be affected by a traumatic event, in this case a car accident. The more difficult and stressful the ordeal on the accident is, the more depressed a person becomes. For example, if a family member is in a coma for several days from a car accident, it would prolong the state of depression of his/her other relatives as well. Car accidents do happen everyday, and it may happen to anyone you know. Keeping safety first, fastening seat belts, and having extra precautions on the surroundings, these little things would help in preventing such accidents on the road. As far as we know, depression often goes along with sadness, and by preventing accidents, one may also help in preventing the feelings of depression.