Drinking for many is a social activity which many people love to do. Even though it may not be healthy, drinking in small quantities would not cause much harm. The problem starts when there is excessive drinking. You may enjoy being drunk and may not realize things that is happening around you. The next morning is the time you realize it’s after effects which is known as a hangover and can be one of the sore mornings which you would not like to remember.
We should always be in control of alcohol and not the other way round. If it happens the other way round there are dire consequences to be borne. Even though you may be well aware about your drinking limit there are times when you cross that limit and you happen to bear the brunt.

Some of the common symptoms of having a hangover are * Severe headache * Nauseating feeling * Diarrhea attacks * Dizziness * Dry mouth and dehydration * Unpleasant feeling
Getting drunk depends upon the way you drink. If you happen to drink lots in a short period of time you will get drunk very fast.

Some of the common Do’s and Dont’s while drinking alcohol

* Never drink on empty stomach. If you happen to eat, the food helps in absorbing the alcohol content rather than directly getting into your bloodstream * Consume water (more times than ever) while taking in your doses of alcohol as it would help you from dehydration * Don’t have different alcoholic drinks at one time * Avoid colored drinks such as such as red wine, whiskeys, dark rum as they have strong alcoholic content * Do not indulge too much into sweet concoction as they are high in sugar and alcoholic content.