Fart and Toast

The jaw-dropping tale of a Baker, a rock star, a broken penis and several conspiracy theories.
by Stuart Caldwell

1996: decades after the reported death of aviatrix Amelia Earhart, the truth of her disappearance continues to fuel conspiracy theories. Will a humble baker from Stratford-upon-Avon unwittingly help expose the truth?

Cheery Bob Spratt collects belly-button fluff, puts on shows at a local care home and is the loyal but long-suffering husband of the OCD-denying Muriel. When he agrees to become a doppelganger for a depressed rock legend who’s broken his penis, Bob changes the course of his life and triggers a series of events that could one day send shockwaves across the world.

His only problem is, someone wants him dead …

This humorous, slightly surreal, warm-hearted, vaguely romantic, faintly satirical, quirky adult fiction mystery twists and turns like a demented snake.