Depression Treatment The B12 Way

Depression. It’s not just a word. It’s not just “the blues.” It’s a serious medical condition that affects countless individuals around the globe. In fact, some statistics put the figure of people who suffer the symptoms of depression in the millions. Regardless of your age, gender, social status, or location, you or someone you love could become a victim in need of depression treatment.

However, many people experiencing the rollercoaster aren’t happy about taking medications to control their the symptoms of depression. Rather than turning to Prozac or Paxil, they actively seek a natural depression treatment and keep the symptoms of depression such as lethargy, anger, “foggy” minds, and mood swings at bay. For those individuals, a diet rich in Vitamin B12 may help in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.

About B12: More than a Depression Treatment

Vitamin B12, one of the “B” vitamins, promotes health by helping to maintain a decent red blood cell count and strong nerve connections. One of the reasons that B12 may assist depression treatment is that it has been shown to regulate synaptic receptors, thereby providing a conduit for emotional experiences to be transmitted throughout the body and brain. (Many believe that depression is entirely or partially caused by a breakdown of these receptors; thus, B12 could help pave the way for normal synaptic responses and relief from the symptoms of depression.)

Where to Find B12

Fortunately for people suffering the symptoms of depression seeking an organic alternative to traditional prescription medications, B12 is relatively easy to find, even if you’re on a limited, vegan, or vegetarian diet, as many foods are now fortified with the vitamin, including hot and cold cereals, crackers, soups, and breads.

B12 is also found in many types of fish, meat, dairy products, and eggs; try to eat around 6.0 micrograms of B12 per day, in accordance with FDA recommendations and based on a 2,000 calorie diet. (Obviously, this figure will need to be “tweaked” depending on patient’s age, weight, and the symptoms of depression.)

How Long will B12 Take to Have an Effect as a Depression Treatment?

Because every individual will suffer depression symptoms unique to them, he or she will respond to B12 in a unique way. Therefore, one person may respond to an increase in B12 rather quickly, while another will not respond for weeks or months. The bottom line is to be patient when using B12 as a depression treatment because natural remedies often take a bit longer (but are vastly less taxing on the body) than their prescription counterparts.

It’s also critical to ask your physician or mental health specialist about your decision to use B12 to as a depression treatment, as he may have extra hints on how to improve its effectiveness without medications. He might also be able to provide you with more Remember – depression is a controllable disease. Yes, it is difficult and sometimes overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to define who you are as a person. You can overcome your depression naturally… and B12 may be the first step in depression treatment.