Depression And Suicide

Depending on how depression impacts a person it is possible that depression can lead to thoughts of suicide and depending on the magnitude of the depression sometimes those thoughts can lead a person to actually commit suicide.

What keeps us from noticing the signs and from intervening before it gets to that level? Do we simply not recognize the signs are do we choose to ignore them out of ignorance?

For many suffering with depression feel as if it is a relief, the final end for those who have struggled mightily with the demons of depression. However, too often the loved ones and family members of those who are suffering most deeply with depression believe incorrectly that there is simply no way that suicide will be the end result.

This fallacy has led to many a broken family as suicide and depression go hand in hand far too often. We are quite incapable as families and friends of those suffering with depression to “treat” the condition. It is vital that you help the person suffering by getting them to a professional who can help. Find a professional that will listen and don’t stop advocating for your loved one until you get the help they need.

There is no need in trying to really understand the depths of depression and the demons that it brings unless you have battled the war yourself.

Too often we brush off comments that begin to sound darker and darker thinking to ourselves “life just isn’t all that bad… there’s no way my friend or loved one would actually go through with it… they can shake it off”.

Danger, danger… you must not think in this manner. Thoughts of and thinly veiled comments of suicide are not a call for attention, they are a cry for help, they are a cry that should ring through your soul and you should not rest until you have helped your loved one get the help the so desperately need. Do not brush it off…take it seriously…and get moving… intervene now.

It is important to dispel the myth that if a person talks about suicide that they will not make a suicide attempt.


In fact speaking of this heinous act is how you can know that the depression has actually reached the depths of the pit. If you hear these comments, stop whatever you are doing and get professional help for your loved one. This is not a comment that you can ignore. It is simply too serious.

The apathy and hopelessness brought on by the depression can cause someone not to even be able to think rationally anymore. They probably are not even able to form a thought that says “I am going to kill myself because I have nothing to live for”, they generally feel so much apathy about life itself that suicide seems a sweet relief.

Those suffering with depression are at an even higher risk for suicide if they are using alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of depression. Suicide does not distinguish between classes of people; it does not just target the rich or the poor. Suicide crosses all social boundaries.

Often times we incorrectly assume that if we talk about suicide with a friend or loved one who is suffering from depression that we will give them that push they need, or we will somehow inadvertently give them “permission” to commit suicide. Again, this is a myth. Often talking about it helps to relieve some of the pressure and anxiety of keeping it hidden.

Another very common myth is that a suicide attempt is a method to get attention.

Good grief!

How many years is it going to take for us to realize this is wrong! Incorrect! No where close to the truth!

Any action taken to end one’s life is serious. While some believe that if someone attempts suicide using a method they know will ultimately fail, is just a call for help and not really all that serious. Regardless…hear this…any suicide attempt must be taken seriously and you must do whatever it takes to get help from a professional.

Thoughts and feelings that lead someone to make an attempt at suicide do not go away quickly. If the attempt is survived, do not just think everything is ok with the world. It’s not. Professionals must intervene and help to provide ongoing treatment in order to help work through what brought on the attempt or near attempt in the first place.

Depression and suicide often go hand in hand. Regardless of what you believe personally those suffering with depression need help and they need help now! Do not delay.

Help to find the professional assistance needed in order to deal with the dark depression threatening to engulf your friend or loved one.