Depression And Stress

When you say that the positive tendencies are the cause of happiness in an individual, in the same breath you can say that the negative tendencies are the cause of unhappiness. Well, extreme stress, anxiety and frustration pave a clear way towards depression.

It is the same old story through the ages- the eternal conflict between the Light and Darkness. These two forces can not exist at the same time at the same place. When the Light arrives, we need not order the darkness to go. It automatically disappears. Rather it has to. Similarly when the Light goes without thinking a wee-bit, Darkness arrives to boss over once again!

It is worthwhile here to contemplate over the common causes of depression and stress found in most of the people today. Distorted or ill-balanced economic condition is one major reason. Well, to have fallen short of the required funds shall not be the cause of your depression. With the right type of efforts, you can always overcome this trivial problem.

Next, your un-doings and wrong doings are one definite harbinger of depression and stress.

Nobody has ever said or ever proved that bad habits are good! Drinking alcohol, for example! Smoking is the other vice! If you drink and smoke regularly, can you really claim to be happy? You curse the habit always and yet you carry the curse on your head! This state of helplessness is one of the causes of your depression and stress.

An innocent looking habit like eating could also be the major cause of depression and stress. As the wise saying goes, “You should eat to live, not live to eat.” Human body for its proper maintenance requires certain discipline. Whether you are hungry or not, whether the food is wholesome or not you go on eating without worrying for the consequences. The type of food that you eat has a direct bearing on the various organs within the day. They are there to perform a particular type of job in a particular manner. Eating wrong type of food means extending invitation to obesity, heart failure and serious diseases like diabetes. These diseases could then cause serious types of depression and stress.

Coping with the various situations in life could also be the cause of depression and stress. Inability to cope with the circumstances can be due to your own creation or certain birth defects. Each one has limitations of performance. Sometimes the result you get may not be in proportion to the degree of efforts put forth by you. There is no sure or cut-out solution for meeting such situations. One needs to develop the right type of working philosophy in life. This can be achieved only by experience and gradually developing the expertise.

Make a periodical review of your habits, matters related to day-to-day disposition and try to identify the causes of depression and stress. Instead of going all out to reform yourself it is better to try to removes the deficiencies, one by one!