Breast Punishment Primer – Part 1

The Obligatory Preface

In my semi-long and somewhat illustrious career as a merchant of the pleasures of breast punishment through Darker Pleasures, I’ve learned a lot about the “thou shalts” and “thou shouldn’ts” of erotic tit torment. Many of them I’ve learned through trial and error, while others I’ve only had the luxury of reading about. I’ve had tons of hands-on, teeth-on, yard tool-on, kitchen cutlery-on, hair accessory-on, and gadgets-yet-to-be-patented-on practice in the fine art of breast and nipple torment. I’ve probably written, photographed, and scripted more breast bondage and tit torment scenes than most men have lost socks in the black holes that haunt clothes dryers.

In short, I’ve learned boat loads of information about safely tormenting titties, and I know just as much about “Who gives a damn, they belong to me and I’ll break them if I want to” tit torment.

A wise man once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Not only should that be the adage of all people trusted with the fate of a gorgeous pair of knockers, I was told it should be mine as well. So, with the increasing number of folks asking me for advice over the years, and because the person that pays my check is always harping at me to do something constructive with all the time I spend drooling over archived shots of all our gals’ tormented titties, I thought I’d put together this primer in hopes of helping everyone out a bit.

I know that you’ll all be eager to skip from one humorous anecdote to another, without wasting your time reading all the boring, serious stuff. Even so, I’d really suggest you resist the temptation. The boring, serious stuff is very important. This future Pulitzer-winning masterpiece is meant to be read in its entirety. Like the Bible and other good books, if you pick and choose references out of context, you end up with all sorts of problems. Look at all the guidance counseling and emotional trauma that resulted from the Crusades.

Oh, one other thing before I move on to the funner stuff. Though The Breast Punishment Primer is based on reliable and sometimes scientific information, and I’ve tried my dangedest to make it useful and informative, this is all off the record, folks. Despite my credentials in Internet webmaster breast torment website circles, I still claim only a layman’s expertise. What I won’t claim is any responsibility whatsoever for what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom, office, kitchen, S.U.V., back yard, dungeon or secret outdoor get-a-way.

Inflicting physical pain on a consenting pair of Hill Twins can be erotic, fun and profitable, but it should never be taken lightly. Remember guys and dolls, your eager little submissive may have signed all rights to her breasts over to you in that multi-million dollar pre-nuptial agreement, but they’re still attached to her chest.

Don’t do anything foolish.

Just a little legal disclaimer to satisfy our attorneys. Now, on to the show.

“Booby is Only Skin Deep”

Lesson number one of good erotic breast torment is to remember the old adage, “Beauty is only skin deep,” but for our purposes I’ll be modifying that saying a bit.

Since we all agree that boobs are beautiful, the slight modification I’m going to use should be easy enough to adapt to. That modification is, “Booby is only skin deep.” “Booby is only skin deep” is the cardinal rule of breast torment for all you budding breast punishers out there. Any time you and your wife, girlfriend, next-door-neighbor, slave, or professional escort of the day get together over tea and crumpets for a little mindless afternoon BDSM, always make certain that nothing you do harms anything beneath the naked covering that you can see with the naked eye.

Now, let’s take a rather boring scientific kind of look at one of our favorite objects of torment, shall we?

The innards of breasts are made up of an assortment of fat, glands, ductwork, veins, and other odds and ends that don’t take kindly to being treated disrespectfully. Remember, female breasts are called female for a very good reason, and are as affected by hormones as everyone with that particular chromosome pattern (boy, am I going to take heat for that one). If you damage any of these underlying parts, titties often swell up and start to resemble granite or some similar metamorphic rock, scream and yell, refuse to do your laundry, call the F.B.I., turn into alien beings, or some combination of these.

The three parts that can take a bit of punishment without ruining your day, however, are the nipple, the areola, and the skin. (Yes, I know that these parts are all made of skin. It’s called poetic license, roll with me here…)

The nipple and areola, are the darker parts of the breast. They are generally located at the very tip of the breast, and are therefore the closest thing to you when you’re looking for something to grab, bite, or otherwise torment. They are also, by and large, the most popular part of the breast, though we find that they don’t jiggle nearly as well without all the other stuff beneath them. They range in normal color from various shades of brown to various shades of red and pink. Blue and purple come later.

These little parts are actually quite tough, as they were originally designed to be sucked, chewed, clawed, pinched and otherwise mauled by little children who have no idea what erotic tit torment is, yet accomplish it with a skill that would humble the most accomplished BDSM Master on the planet.

Some people would argue that, since little children don’t have teeth, they couldn’t possibly do anything that would hurt. Try asking a nursing mom about the accuracy of that statement sometime. Once she’s removed her knuckles from what remains of your teeth, she will explain otherwise, I assure you. Think on it just a minute. Kids are capable of destroying anything. In fact, if our government would simply tell children that all the video games that they could ever want lie just beyond enemy lines, our next war would only last 5.3 minutes at the outside. But I digress.

One would think that one small nipple and areola would have little chance against this type of destructive force, but there they are, just waiting for your clamps and nipple stretchers, proving that they are very tough indeed.

In actuality, the nipple is just crammed full of nerves and can be very sensitive. Great care should be taken when torturing a nipple to make certain that the tormente gives some kind of informed consent to whatever nasty that you’re perpetrating on it. Even if your love slave claims to have released her entire being to you and is begging profusely for you to use the Cuisinart, keep in mind that hindsight is always twenty-twenty. She may not be quite as cooperative the next time once the white-hot skewer of doom is removed and she’s had time to realize the extent of damage your Dom-deeds have done.

The areola on the other hand, is arguably less sensitive in some ways than any other part of the breast, including the nipple and the white meat. You might consider this in your travels, as it is in basically the same vicinity, and of similar coloration, as the nipple, and so can be used as a willing substitute for many activities, particularly when cold or really excited, at which time it becomes very hard, crinkly, and chewable. This was the part that was actually meant to be addressed by your ankle biting children. It’s just very difficult explaining that to creatures that drool, spit up and poop for entertainment.

If you watch a curtain crawling infant in action on an unsuspecting breast, they’re really gumming for all their worth on the areola, trying as best as their screaming little mouths will allow to pump from a reservoir of milk that gathers just beneath it and squeeze dinner up through the nipple. Rumor has it that some really enthusiastic moms will keep breast feeding their kids well past the time when their children get teeth, into their college years and sometimes into dentures. If these lucky little children were gnawing directly on their mom’s nipples with their pearly whites, do you really think they’d be drinking anything besides Similac or Enfamil? Got milk? Not out of my tit you don’t!

Now that I’ve covered the working parts that you’ll be playing with, let’s move on to the rest.

The white meat, otherwise referred to as “skin,” is typically known as the boob and makes up the majority of the outer covering of a love mound. In some ways it is very sensitive to touch and other light stimulus while in others it is pretty much capable of taking on whatever your sadistic heart desires. Many women claim that they can handle tough stuff with their areola more easily than the rest of their boobs, particularly the bottom half that is rather like the dark side of the moon and hardly ever sees the light of day, unless you’re lucky enough to have a slave that frequently cavorts topless in the outdoors.

If you’re concerned about your partner’s enjoyment, I’d suggest experimenting on the gentle side at first. If you’d rather not experiment, breast skin folds very nicely between the hungry jaws of a clothespin.

As I’ve mentioned, inside your garden variety breast there are all sorts of things you’d probably rather not see. That’s why the creator in his or her infinite wisdom hid it all so smartly behind such an attractive cover.

I took my thirteen-year-old to the science museum recently, and he dashed straight to the anatomy section, being the testosterone-laden adolescent that he is. At first he asked if he could take home pictures and scale models of the naked twenty-something-year-old homo-sapiens female that they had in full three-dimensional plastic splendor. That was until the display rotated around to reveal the same plastic woman with an equally three dimensional plastic cut away version of the same breast that looked something like the anatomy pic above.

Since they didn’t have a cut away of her cute heart-shaped ass, he immediately converted, rather palely, from being a tit man like his dad, to a butt man like his brother. Personally, I was thankful they didn’t have that ass cut away or he may have developed gender preference issues.

Anyway, inside the candy coating are predominantly milk glands, fat tissue, and lymph nodes. The more fat, the bigger the tit, so you folks that like ’em big might want to keep your cholesterol in mind. As for all these glandy-duct-fat-things, most of them can rupture if handled improperly. Busted fat tissue can harden into lumpy things that confuse doctors and x-rays and scare the pee out of most women. Mishandled milk glands can hamper milk production and cause other nasty problems. Lymph nodes, though certainly there for some important purpose, are the site of one of the meanest cancer problems around, and once infected, frequently spread cancer through a body like a bad chain letter.

In summary, regardless of the color of the breast part that you’re about to rope, clamp, pierce, or otherwise perpetrate on, remember most importantly that you want to concentrate your efforts on the candy coating outside and not the soft middle inside.

I’ll discuss how different types of torment can be directed at these candy parts shortly, and what can be done that might be safe for the deeper stuff. So don’t worry all you fledgling Marquis de Sade and “O”s out there, that leaves plenty of room for use of the safe word, as we’ll soon see.

Author’s Note – Serious problems, ranging from fibroadenoma to breast cancer, are very real issues when it comes to playing fast and rough with breasts. Any damage to the inner workings of a breast places the woman at risk. Skin is made to take certain amount of abuse, and nipples and areola are made, within reason, for even more, particularly in a rug rat biting and sucking on them until they’re numb sort of way, but, you do not want to do anything that will bruise, cut, pierce or otherwise cause damage below skin level!

The Good Stuff

Now that we’ve covered the scientific part of our primer and given you all sorts of subliminal reasons to surf for one of the gazillions of articles on breast health out there, I’ll move on to the real reason you’re here – that being the types of tit torment and how to go about doing them. Keep in mind that this is an educational piece of literature. Please keep both of your hands on the keyboard.

When folks talk about torturing tits they likely have any number of goals in mind, usually depending upon whether you’re the tormentor or the tormentee. Sometimes those goals coincide, and sometimes they don’t. Provided everyone is in agreement that they’re getting something sexually, psychologically, or financially profitable out of the deal, common goals aren’t necessarily important.

For the receiver – generally the person that is bound helplessly and has the breasts that are being physically assailed – one might be striving for the achievement of something referred to as “sub-space.” Sub-space is a state of consciousness that some women achieve whereby the pain caused by having torment inflicted on their tits, generally coupled with some type of pleasurable stimulation located between their legs, transforms into an even stronger form of pleasure.

Having never been a sub, and having been deprived of breasts well into the early stages of cell division, I can only take the words of those women that seek this transcendental state, and work to help get their endorphins into such a tizzy that taking to their breasts with a chain saw would result in an orgasm that rivals the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

“What are endorphins,” you ask. Well, endorphins are chemicals that come out in gangs and go square-dancing through some parts of your brain when other body parts are screaming “ouch!” For the sake of this primer, the “ouch” screamers would be a breast or nipple. Endorphins are rather like Henry Kissinger in his hey-day, basically convincing your brain that what the tormented body part really means is, “Please, sir, may I have another?”

In scientific terms, endorphins are small-chain peptides that activate opiate receptors, producing feeling of well-being, tolerance to pain, and so on. According to the experts, these compounds are hundreds or even thousands of times more potent than morphine. For our purposes, endorphins can go beyond just the sensation of euphoria to feelings of “flying,” “floating,” “loss of will” and to “psychic connection” with the Master or dealer of torment that can last for hours, or supposedly days, after the event.

This condition of erotically altered consciousness is called “sub-space.”

Now, aside from this spiritual enlightenment, other women simply enjoy seeing their Master, husband, john, or boss enjoying him or herself and are willing to submit to whatever forms of torment their partner cares to lavish upon them, getting off on their partner’s fun pretty much the same way all of us get off on getting our partner off, assuming that is something we all do.

Most find themselves somewhere between these two states of being.

As for the giver – generally the person doing notorious things to the breasts of the female person that’s tied up and helpless – the goal may be to launch his partner into sub-space while getting his or her rocks off by watching her boobs bounce like big super balls. It may be a power thing, where he or she gets a thrill from being in total control over his or her slave’s bod. Knowing that this pair of tits are the most precious commodity that he or she has been entrusted to abuse to the razor’s edge makes the tormentor’s life a spiritual high… or something like that.

Personally, I’ll leave the psychological reasoning for your enjoyment of such things to you and your counselor. I’m a visual guy myself and just like to see boobs bouncing and being contorted into pretzel-like shapes.

It’s the simple things in life, you know…