Breast Enhancer Resources

In this age of instant gratification no wish is unreasonable or unattainable as long as one can afford it. There are various surgical and non-surgical methods for enhancing breast size. Medical methods have evolved to cater to the increasing demands not just for bigger breasts but also for safer, reasonable, natural-looking and -feeling options. The non-surgical methods, like herbal remedies, pills and creams, have yet to substantiate their claims through scientific research or studies. However, many users and manufacturers stand undeterred in their belief about the products’ efficiency.

Various non-surgical breast enhancement resources include special bras, herbal products (Bloussant etc), creams, pills, exercises and new techniques like the Brava breast enhancement method. These breast enhancement resources offer an alternative option to invasive breast surgeries.

Most herbal products, pills and creams have a non-hormonal plant estrogen called phytoestrogen. Topical application through creams or ingestion through pills and supplements is supposed to stimulate the growth of breath tissue as it happens during puberty. Herbal products are supposed to have natural non-hormonal ingredients like saw dalmetto, fennel seed, don quai, damiana, dandelion, blessed thistle, water cress, wild yam etc. It is always advisable to carry a thorough investigation and consult a physician about the possible side effects of these ingredients. Whether they can be taken with any other medication, possible changes in life style (eating more protein and less carbohydrates), and suitability in certain conditions (pregnancy, diabetes), has to be checked before using them. These products claim to produce desired results after two to three months of application or intake.

Bras for breast enhancement provide an illusion of bigger breasts by accentuating cleavage. Breast enhancement bras are the safest and most affordable options for breast enlargement. There are breast enhancement bras of different types and brands providing different kinds of results and effects. There are no side effects. They enable a woman to experiment with her look as well as aid individuals to make the proper decision in case a more drastic breast enhancement method, namely surgery, is being considered.

Techniques like Brava breast enhancement claim to trigger formation of breast tissue (resulting in breast size increase) by continued tension. Two plastic domes are placed inside a mesh bra which applies suction on the breast of the user for a period of 10 weeks. The bra should be put on each day during the treatment for 10 hours.

There are various breast enhancement exercises specifically designed to build the chest muscle below the breast. Building the bulk muscle provides a visual illusion of bigger breasts and aids in lifting and firming the breast to some extent. The exercises should be carried after consultation with a physician and in line with proper instructions.

Breast enhancement through surgery provides instant gratification and is the most expensive of all options. An individual should go in for breast enhancement surgery with realistic expectations, and only after an affirmed decision is taken based on research. Consulting an expert surgeon in the field is absolutely mandatory, to rule out any adverse affects or complications. There is always the risk of scarring, infection, capsular contracture, rupturing or bleeding of implants. The type and size of implants depends on personal choices, body type and lifestyle. Breast enhancement surgery is reaching newer heights each day to cater to the demands for faster recovery, less scaring, and better and more natural-feeling breasts.