breast cancer awareness

It’s often too late! This is the problem with so many heath issues people suffer from. That little light bulb goes off inside your head and says “If I’d only have known about this sooner.” That’s not good enough! As we all now, time can mean the difference between life and death. This is exactly why regular physicals become a necessity once you hit a certain age. 40 is commonly that age. For men, prostate cancer is a large issue, and for women breast cancer awareness is imperative. It IS better to be safe than sorry. So, are you fully in tune with your body? Do you know what’s going on these days?

I hate to think about it, but our bodies begin to deteriorate over time. To put it plainly, they wear out. All the organs, limbs and cells that make us who we are don’t last forever. The human body reminds me of a vehicle in some ways. When you buy it off the lot, everything is new and shiny. The vehicle runs like a dream. But, as time moves on and your vehicle accumulates miles, chips, dents and rust, it doesn’t run the same anymore. The same goes for our bodies. They also get old, worn and begin to run down. Before we know it, they’re moving pretty darn slowly. In addition, we become more susceptible to problems like cancer. Older parts can equal damaged parts. Parts that get afflicted with tissue growths, like cars get afflicted with rust. It’s a sad and daunting truth. Now, this is why prostate and breast cancer awareness are so crucial. If you acquire the knowledge you need to prevent them at a young age, you really do prepare for the future.

Okay, so you understand the importance of prostate and breast cancer awareness. After all, these afflict men and women worse than any other forms of cancer. Now you just need to know what to do about it. EAT HEALTHY! This point cannot be stressed enough. SO much has to do with our diets. The right foods will replenish you with vitamins and minerals to help you stay strong and healthy, but the wrong ones will have the opposite effect, causing your body to weaken and deteriorate more quickly. Get the point! Take prostate and breast cancer awareness very seriously. Your life depends on it.