Balancing The Bustline

All women have uneven breasts, but as much as 45% have noticeable breast size difference.. This means a half cup size or more that is sometimes noticeable even under clothing. Let’s first discuss some underlying reasons why this happens.

Body alignment. When the body is perfectly aligned, muscles and fat deposits tend to be dispersed more equally. Think how perfectly the body of a baby or toddler is formed. As we grow older, environmental stress, sleep patterns, posture, injury and disease can cause the body to go out of alignment. This results in over or under development of muscles, and uneven distribution of fluids and fat.

Right or left hand dominance. Most women will find that the larger breast is on the side of their dominant hand. This is due to the muscles of the arm and pectoralis majors and minors getting a larger share of the work load. Lifting, pushing, pulling, think of all you do in a day’s work. I knew of a young lady that worked at my favorite ice cream establishment that had to quit her job because of extreme over development from scooping the cold, hard ice cream.

Breast Feeding. No matter how hard we try to feed evenly on both sides either junior or mom tends to prefer one side over another. This can result in uneven breasts even long after the breast feeding has ceased.

And sometimes it just happens.

If you suspect alignment issues, visit a chiropractor and find an exercise program that carefully balances the whole body. If you believe that a dominant side is to blame, try doing more with the opposite side to balance the muscle development. Sometimes uneven breasts will balance out with time. If it is something else, you can either try enlarging the smaller breast or reducing the larger breast. This can be done effectively without surgery and for a minimal price.

Enlarging the smaller breast without surgery may take several weeks. You will see faster results with reducing the larger breast, which can be done in just a couple of weeks. This is done by doing a body wrap on the larger breast only. You can get it professionally done from an experienced esthetician or you can do it on your own at home.

There are several excellent body wraps available for home use . There are the oil based wraps that use essential oils as detoxifiers and are very effective. One that I recommend is an aloe based gel with herbs. To use, the skin should be clean with no residue from bar soaps or moisturizers to interfere with the absorption. Warm the area to be treated to open the pores and allow the gel to penetrate faster. This can be done in a warm shower or you can use a warm moist towel. Apply the gel and wrap the breast loosely with plastic wrap. This is to hold in the heat and keep the gel moist. You can put on your clothing and go about your business or just relax for 45 to 60 minutes. Then remove the plastic and rub any still moist gel into the skin. What this does is to help detoxify the tissues, and move fluid into the lymph system. Drinking plenty of water after the treatment will help to flush out the toxins.

After only a couple treatments to the larger breast you should be able to see significant difference in size. The breast are very responsive to this type of wrap so be careful. Sometimes the results aren’t noticed for a day or two so never do more than two treatments a week so as to carefully monitor inch loss.